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Mortgage leads are our specialty. We carry many types of mortgage Leads. Some of the mortgage leads that we carry are Precreen Mortgage Leads provided by Tri Bureau merge, ARM Leads, Purchase Leads. You can filter the leads by Credit Score Loan type (FHA, VA, ARM) also you can filter loan Balance, LTV, Revolving debt. You can choose to eliminate refinances, bankrupticies and much more. There are a lot of ways you can target your dream customer and we can help.

Another lead we carry are trigger leads can be filtered by many selects just like the prescreen option, such as credit score, loan balance, unsecured debt, loan type, LTV. We deliver the leads to you daily, via Secure FTP sever. Mailingedge can also deliver the leads to your CRM.

Mortgage Leads that get results!

Would you like to work with only serious buyers? Mortgage trigger leads are a great way to give the buyer a second chance, and to get the best possible rate and service from multiple mortgage companies. When triggers are used properly, they work well for both the client and the mortgage company.

Mortgage Leads are our specialty

There is an approval process to go through. Only mortgage companies and qualified lenders may legaly purchase trigger leads. Anyone selling this data and not doing this is not doing it legally, which puts you and your company at risk. If you would like to get your company approved, please click here to get started. This is the first step to getting approved - once we get clearance from the bureaus to work with your company, we will provide you with the application to complete the process.

If you are interested in purchasing mortgage leads of any kind give us a call we probably can help you. Our friendly staff will work hard to make sure you have the right lead to target your next campaign.

We look forward to working with your company. If you have any questions, please contact us 423-406-1544.